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Conquer Interviews Hip Hop Artist HBizzle 

This weekend we had the opportunity to interview Hip Hop Artist, Country Boy, and Dedicated Father HBizzle! Give him a follow @HBizzle252 

So tell us a little bit about yourself, where you’re from, where you’re going 

“I’m HB Hargett the 4th from Jones County 252 Eastern North Carolina. I am Mr. 252, and I’m going straight to the top because; I believe it and therefore I can achieve it. I know I’ve got what it takes to change the world in a positive way, that’s one of my main goals. My main goal is to raise my son to be a man, the proper way; cause he’s my world. Musically, I’m more an entertainer versus a musician. I love music, but if I can make people smile then that is my main goal. I want to be successful for my son, give him everything I never had as a kid. I want to be able to make sure he is okay after I’m gone” 

HBizzle Doing Dope Thangz with the Mini Me! 

HBizzle Doing Dope Thangz with the Mini Me! 

Tell us a bit about your music and how you came to have your unique sound. 

“I’m a country boy man! I was raised on country music, my grandma was a country line dance teacher. My grandma right now can out dance most young folks! My momma, she ran a bingo at one time that was when I was a kid. It’s funny; the same building that my mama owned the bingo, the first show that I ever did in my life was in that same building. I heard Hip Hop for the first time at that bingo. A lot of urban culture ya know? I heard Tupac and it changed my life. I fell in love with Hip Hop! 
(This guy, sound guy! Shout out to Hawkface Jay, Super cool dude, jack of all trades) 
But like I was saying; I grew up on country, Southern rock, I love all good music doesn’t matter the genre, but Hip Hop I fell in love with.” 

What has been your inspiration for becoming a musician and pursuing music? 

“My biggest inspiration musically would probably be Bob Marley. If I had to be on an Island and had to choose one album to listen to forever it would be Bob Marley’s Legend. I could put that on and it just soothes your soul, it’s like medicine for the soul. Without music man, the world would be in chaos. It is medicine you know? Can you imagine a world without music? I’d lose my mind, it’s been my therapy. I’m a loner. I’ve lost a lot of people, I’ve lost friends and family and it has kind of turned me into a loner, so music has been like my release. All my music is based on life experiences, I try to keep everything I say a hundred percent real, because you come out and listen to music and you think these people are really living that life, but ninety percent of them aren’t. So I’m telling you now, anything I say I’ve either done, or will make happen!” 

With the direction the music industry is headed, how do you think Conquer stands out from the rest? 

“Well, when I went to the MA international convention, it was an experience I will never forget. I got to meet Amanda and she was super nice, and cool. Some people you meet just aren’t friendly, but you have to be a people person in this industry and at Conquer you get the feeling that they really care about people. Conquer Entertainment approaches things from a different angle and I really feel like it will keep building, and one day Conquer could be one of the biggest names in the industry. They’ve shown me nothing but love and support. Jamar, Kim, thanks for all the continued support. Love you, appreciate you. Market America ‘Salute’! 

Do you have any advice for your fans trying to make in the music business?
“The best advice I could give anybody is never give up. If you have a dream, follow it. Everybody is alive, but very few people actually live. Be true to yourself, always stay true to yourself, don’t every trying to be anybody but yourself. Of course you’ll subconsciously be influenced by the music you listen to. Take it, use it, but be yourself and be original. Never doubt yourself, doubt is the first step towards failure.” 

Do you have any upcoming events we should be looking forward to?

Right now we’reat my brother, CEO of "Muddy Beatz Magazine and Muddy Mafia Records, we’re here for his birthday and this is pretty happening! As far as me, I have a song coming it’s called In the Stix and I’m hopefully about to shoot a video in Nashville I just gotta get the money together. When you’re doing it yourself it’s pretty tough! But I have a lot of projects coming up, meeting lots of new people and just workin. If you ain’t Networkin you ain’t workin!” 

Give us an idea of where everyone one can find you. Social Media, music downloads, etc. 

“I’m all over the web like a spider! Twitter is my top platform, I love it. . . I’m kind of addicted to it. I have almost 100,000 tweets I think, but you can find me anywhere. You can find me on Twitter, Insta, and Snapchat @HBizzle252. I’m also on Facebook as HBizzle, but Twitter is my top platform, I’m there all the time and I’m a total comedian, I give away free downloads, so give me a follow and you won’t be disappointed!” 
Well thanks for taking the time to meet with us HB and it was great talking with you! 
“No problem, was my pleasure! When you see Amanda just tell her much love, I appreciate her, and I think we can definitely make some power moves as I said! ‘Salute’. #GetConquer #ConquerLife 

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Conquer Entertainment 
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Conquer Interviews Jon Eric of Loop Labs and WiFi Records 

This week we had the opportunity to interview Jon Eric Zayas, creator of Loop Labs and the newly established WiFi Records! Jon is a music professional who takes a fresh new approach to the music industry, taking advantage of today's innovative technology to connect people from all over the world, fans and musicians alike!


Jon at the idea table!

To kick things off we thought we would ask a little bit about where you came from how you got started in the music industry where you're going and what made you kind of focus on this specific image you wanted to do 

"Well where I came from I've had a large influence just from my family always being involved in the industry, the entertainment, the arts and I was heavily intrigued by not understanding what the full functionalities were of the music industry. there are tons of moving parts which I think people need to understand, getting that education with my family, and with people outside of the music industry I think really opened up my mind and kept me intrigued and still keeps me intrigued to this day. 
A big word that I'm using today is "compartmentalizing" within the industry, which is understanding outlets; your distribution outlets, your promotion outlets, how to create music, when to speak to legal, when to talk to accounting. That still till today drives me for creating my business. You have two parts of the music industry; the music component, and you also have the industry component which a lot of it is business, administrative, and doing a lot behind the scenes. That's what sort of drives me and is still driving me today. 
With everything that you're working on, do you see other companies coming out and competing with what you do? 

"In any industry that you are in there is always going to be competition. That is what drives us. Always having friendly competition, and when you sort of make it like a sport, sort of like NBA. I think when you look at it in that aspect sort of being like a sport, and people still being competitive, it's the same in any industry that you dabble into. I feel there is always going to be a competitive edge and a competitive nature with people you work with and their dynamic personalities. That is sort of what keeps me driven. 
In regards to competition, absolutely. There are always going to be competitors out there and there is always going to be people working in a similar space, but again I think it's about branding yourself as an individual and branding the people that you work with that makes up the DNA of your company. That's truly important. The producers you work with, the sound you look for, all of that stuff sort of adds to the recipe, all of that stuff adds to the recipe of delivering a full on company, and it's exciting. Some people are going to like the color red versus the color blue, and those are things we look into in terms of data. So that's kind of my outlook on the whole competitive edge. I mean humans are competitive by nature and that's not going to change, but I feel that is what keeps people driven." 
So in the technical side of the industry, there are so many different ways to develop. You have people in a hive together, people remote, you have all different kinds of ways of doing things. With you guys there what does your daily routine look like? 

"Well for myself, because it is a music company I like to stay close to the actual music. So when I wake up I'm always listening to music, talking to different producers, speaking to different artists as well and getting their insight of what is going on. It's consistent communication, communication is a driver for my business. Understanding what people like, what kind of things are going on continues to be one of my main drivers; and staying on top of my Ps and Qs. You constantly want to be up to date, you want to understand the new sound. I still get excited with new music that gets dropped. Now with all the new consumption and delivery methods, music can drop at 4 or 5 in the morning and if you just so happen to be up at that time and you listen to it, it's still exciting to share that among my friends and business colleagues. Did you get this new sound did you hear this new record? That still excites me today, as it did back when I used to collect mixtapes and go to the record store, and have my ear on certain sounds. So I think that still continues to be one of the main drivers for myself." 
With everything else that you're doing, you're working on a young record label right now, and as you're looking at that, there has been so many changes in the music industry. The old record labels are gone in the way of the dinosaur, none of the old rules apply. So what is your take on the changing industry and trying to help these musicians you are working with to actually develop a brand and a career? 
"in regards to the actual music itself, you have to stick to the fundamentals of creating music. You're always going to hear different sounds here and there and I appreciate people asking my opinion and lending my ear out to people as far as what they may think sounds good or where they think certain things sound good or bad, but to be frank I think you have your select industry insiders of people that you can go to and sort of listen to a sound to say hey this sounds right, you always have your checks and balances, and you stick to the fundamentals. A good song is always going to be a good song, people don't wake up in the morning thinking they are going to write a bad song, so it's just bouncing those ideas with trusted industry insiders, getting a feel, and taking a risk just like any other business. Putting that song out and seeing what the results will be after getting an opinion from a general audience." 

You were talking about consumption and delivery, the bottom line is music is the emotional tie for us. Like you said a good song will always be a good song, but the problem everybody is facing is that the music in and of itself is no longer what the artist is able to necessarily monetize like they used to. We've gone from an industry of ownership, owning music through mixtapes, vinyl, CD's; but now we are about access, we want access to it. We pay 10 dollars a month we get everything we want as much as we want. It has kind of changed from ownership to pure access. So with all this stuff we've been talking about, how does an artist monetize that? How do they grow a career knowing that the music has to be there and it costs money to develop it, but there has to be other ways of monetizing listening habits? 
"Absolutely. I think I think it comes down to creating that mystique. You know legacy artists, people like Prince, Madonna, Bon Jovi. Aside from creating music they have always been able to create that mystique. They plan out the release date, know that it will be fully available to the world at that point, follow-up with it, form a brand and marketing around it. I also think curating content is super important, I think that anything that wants to be delivered should definitely have a curation method so that it can be delivered, but delivered with meaning." 
It's going to be interesting to follow you guys, you're young and you're on the edge of everything as far as record labels are concerned, in addition to everything you are doing on the software side which we are already a huge fan of. 
So to wrap up a little bit, who are your big inspirations in music and everything you're doing. 

"Definitely my family. I have a family that has a large footprint in the music industry, Latin markets and general markets overall. Marc Anthony who has been a great individual, teacher and mentor. For the little bit of time I do get to see him since he is always working and so busy he's always dropped amazing gems. Along my father, Bigram Zayas who has been the architect for Marc’s career in helping him deliver his sound and negotiate a lot of his deals. Also my brother, DVLP who actually has a number one song out right now on a Latin billboard right now. He's always been a great influence to me, just watching his work ethics. Outside of the family, guys like JZ I’ve always looked up to, I'm a huge fan of Hip-hop. Seeing a young guy like Drake creating his own franchise has been very influential, and people out of that sort of cloth in general. My business partner, Craig Swan, who is a huge fan of music and has also opened up my mind with what we've created with loop labs, and seeing what different approaches we can take in the music industry with different mediums of technology. I've been very grateful and privileged to be around that. 

Tell us about a bit your label WiFi records 
"I created a WiFi just being around the tech, being around the music. I always wanted a name that was very recognizable for the community. Right now this matrix we are leaving in right now, I wanted WiFi to act as an enabler for artists to connect with their fans, create augmented experiences with their fans, just utilizing tech mediums and different delivery methods so that's sort of what I'm building now. I'm privileged to work with ONHEL, a producer coming from the east coast, and a songwriter by the name of Syndee Rene right now who hands down to me is an amazing talent, and I'm looking to just grow, I'm planting the seed right now and growing from the ground up. Utilizing fundamentals, staying in the studio, and keeping my ear to the streets. WiFi with Loop Labs are definitely complimenting each other in those aspects." 
WiFi definitely speaks to a newer breed of record labels and distribution so that is really exciting to see. 
Do you have any events coming up we should be on the lookout for? 

"This weekend we are doing the Highlife Car Show. The COPA America Soccer Tour that is going on right now, we actually got invited to create the pregame music experience for a lot of the soccer games, so if you check out COPA America 2016, there are about 18 dates going on right now that we will be creating a lot of the music for. Events are happening all the time, I like to participate with events from larger scale to small scale, just to sort of see what's going on out there, getting that influence and living in it. I think the moment you stop getting inspired by events and new music is the moment it turns into work, so this is certainly a passion for me and will continue to be a passion for me. I'll continue to have updates on our website Right now I'm promoting a music video by Merk Montez and Pinto called Muy Caliente, and it's sort of a Spanglish sort of song. It's really cool because it is a great example of artists collaborating to create a whole new sound. I've been seeing a lot of that with Loop labs, being that people online from different areas create and collaborate new sounds. In a sense Loop Labs is creating a lot of genreless music right now that is "UNSHAZAMABLE" It's creating new music that you can't find anywhere so it creates a lot of excitement for people looking for new sounds. 

So where can we find you online?
"Right now you can find us on Instagram at @WIFI_Records, and obviously go to Anyone and everyone please sign on, it's an agnostic platform, and we would love to have new people participating, making new music, new friends, connecting with different people. Giving people a place to communicate over music, so making people less timid to communicate. Being that we have chat features on there, it creates a space for people to create amongst each other so I'm looking at it as a huge communication tool. Of course check out, we have one music video up there right now, but in the near future we will be delivering tons of new video and tons of new music. I want to have a segment, something like WiFiLearn where we will have a place for people to have resources, whether they need an accountant or an attorney, just to get their feet wet once they get into the commercial space of delivering their projects so I'm really excited about that.
I'm also very humbled and privileged that you guys took the time out to have me speak on your platform and I hope we can do it again in the near future, because as I said I think it is very important to get the thoughts and ideas out there. 

A great idea comes to life

Definitely, and we are excited for what's going on with you guys. We will definitely stay in touch and you'll have to keep us apprised with all of the updates and developments. I'm sure this won't be the last time we do this! 

"Thank you so much, and thanks Amanda and everyone back at Conquer. I've seen the platform grow tremendously and I know it's going to grow even more, and I'm here whenever you guys need me just dial me up!" 
Thanks for taking the time out of your day and we will talk to you again soon! #ConquerLife

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Branding is one of the most important aspects when it comes to promoting your business on social media and your website. If you are sending your traffic to iTunes or ReverbNation you need to understand you are promoting them. Instead you should be promoting your own website and then offer links to iTunes or ReverbNation but at least now you have a chance to engage them with what you are offering on your website.‪ #‎BrandYourself‬

'Tony Molinaro is a successful Internet Entrepreneur and a top retailer for Market America ready to help others achieve that same success! Follow him on Social Media @tmolinaro and @preloadedwebsites, and check out his website for more tips on marketing and branding your lifestyle!


A one on one interview with Conquer Entertainment heart and soul artist Olamide Faison.

Olamide, Where are you from and what are two things most people don't know about you?

"Well; I was born and raised in New York City, Midtown Hell's Kitchen to be exact. And two things people don't know about me, and two things that people don't know about me. One. . . I'm in Love. I'm in love with Spanish Food! And the second thing. . . I sometimes snore. WOO that's a weight off my shoulders!"

Now about your album "Live at the Bitter End." What was your inspiration when creating those songs and recording that album at that time in your life?

"What brought that album, is constantly playing at the bitter end and not having any product to share with peope, for them to take home. So after a few residencies, I figured it would be great to give people something that was authentic to their experience at the bitter end. So; That's how "Live at the Bitter End" came about, and those songs were a selective few of records that I performed at."

What is your favorite song on that album?

"My favorite song would have to be. . . Well I have two; "At Least not Today" is one of my favorites that I've written, and "My Life" which pretty talks about my journey from getting to this point."

How did it feel to perform in front of 20,000+ people in Greensboro, NC? Di you ever imagine yourself there?

"Performing in Greensboro was definitely a dream come true, its something that I've only seen in my mind and felt in my heart. So when it actually happened, there was a lot of energy and a lot of reflecting happening before and after doing the show for Market American and, and Conquer. I definitely see myself doing things that big, but you never know when it will happen or if it will happen so the fact that it actually did, you know, it prepared for that happening some more"

Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us Olamide! For more Olamide be sure to follow him on social media and check out his Conquer page!


Olamide Faison
- My Life 
- Not Your Average Girl 

Check out Olamide's music on 

Be sure to follow him at


The Johnny Walker Experience 

JANUARY 27, 2015 

Hey everyone! Conquer Entertainment would like to introduce you to one of Conquers multi-talented artists! Johnny Walker has literally done it all! As if being an amazing singer/songwriter with over 500 original songs wasn’t enough, this guy has gone from being a back-up dancer for ‎Prince, to fashion designer (Ladies he designs shoes), to screenwriter. . . we could go on and on about all his accomplishments. Johnny continues to be an inspiring voice in the entertainment industry, overcoming all odds after he suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2004, the repercussions of which will continue to be a challenge in his life. Despite this, Johnny is always smiling and the influence all these experiences have had in his life are heard through his music. 

Check out The Johnny Walker Experience here at 

As well as his Youtube channel at 

It’s not just #‎Music. It’s a #‎Lifestyle!

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